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Get your own USA VPS Hosting where you want it, from East Coast to West Coast. Virtual machines for different purposes, available at different business and Internet hubs around the US. Reliable performance, great specs, ensured uptime and connectivity, at some of the most important cites in the world. All of that comes at the cheapest price out there. Free Windows or Linux included!

From Agile Little Virtual Machines to RobustPerformance VMs, Boasting Enterprise SSD andPowerful Hardware. Batteries Included!

Virtualizor Control Panel

All our Windows VPS servers are equipped with a fully automated Virtualizor Control Panel. This includes Windows 10 VPS plans.


You can instantly activate a Windows 10 VPS and it is very easy to manage. You can do almost anything with your VPS server. Connect to your Windows 10 VPS server via VNC or RDP. Have full control over your machine, or even perform hard reset.

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Reliable Connectivity

Virtualizor Management

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Dedicated Windows or Linux VPS Servers in United States

We share nothing. Our VPS machines with dedicated high quality resources bring you the reliability, performance, security, and stability you want. All that, but at the price of shared hosting!

Our US cluster includes 8 datacenters in New York City, Washington DC, Buffalo, Los Angeles – California, Phoenix – Arizona, Dallas – Texas, Seattle – Washington, and Pittsburg – Pennsylvania.

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What is Linux VPS hosting?

Linux VPS is a virtual private server operating on a Linux system. A virtual private server is a virtual server that is hosted on a physical server. The server is virtual if it is running on the memory of the host machine. In return, the host computer can run a few other virtual servers. If you have a site that gets a lot of traffic, or at least is supposed to generate a lot of traffic, you may want to consider getting a Linux VPS hosting plan.

How is a Virtual Private Server working?

A VPS is essentially a server running on a server. One physical server hosts several virtual servers, each separated from the other servers. This is achieved with a software called a hypervisor that separates the physical server and keeps each segment detached from the rest. Each VPS operates its own operating system independently and creates the illusion that it has actually its own independent server. Each VPS can also be independently restarted.

How can I build a VPS?

Learning how to set up a VPS can be a bit tricky, particularly if you have never used a command line before. You should go through these steps to build a VPS:

  • Learn how to log in to your VPS using Secure Shell (SSH) access
  • Update the server
  • Build a new user and change the privileges
  • Enable public-key authentication
  • Set up your VPS firewall

What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS?

It's the same difference between the dedicated server and the normal shared hosting. With a VPS, you get all the power of dedicated hosting with the ability to provide your own collection of services and customizable disk space. With shared hosting, you have restricted administrative access and cannot configure device settings, while with a VPS, you can perform any action from your control panel and do not need to contact tech support for every issue.

How secure is a VPS?

VPS is not more or less secure than a dedicated server. The level of protection of your VPS depends on the configuration of the software on which it works, and is only vulnerable to any bugs that might occur inside that software. A secure server will typically run the software that you need and uninstall the software that you don't need, configure your firewall to restrict access to critical resources, and disable the server's superuser logins.

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