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Ubuntu is one of the most and user-friendliest distributions of Linux which based on Debian and has a very active community on the Internet which makes it very attractive for people to start using Ubuntu as their first distribution of Linux or their only Operating System to use it. Our dedicated Ubuntu VPS servers give you full functionality of the Ubuntu as well as you can install other Linux distributions as well.


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FAQ | Ubuntu VPS

Ubuntu is one of the most and user-friendliest distributions of Linux which based on Debian.

Our dedicated Ubuntu VPS servers give you full functionality of the Ubuntu as well as you can install other Linux distributions as well.

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  • Shared hosting means sharing a server with all resources while VPS hosting is a dedicated server within a shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting is good for beginner or basic personal sites while VPS hosting is ideal for online stores, large personal sites, and small businesses on the web. 
  • VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting.
  • Customization in shared hosting is not allowed while in VPS hosting, you can customize your plans.
  • Prices are more affordable in shared hosting while the prices in VPS hosting are more costly (because of being private). 

To be concise about the benefits of Ubuntu, we are going to list the benefits in 10 items:

  1. Ubuntu is Free
  2. Ubuntu offers Complete Customizability
  3. Ubuntu does not require restarting when updated
  4. Ubuntu does not require installing
  5. Ubuntu is an Open-Source platform
  6. Ubuntu is a very secure platform
  7. Window Tiling is supported by Ubuntu
  8. Ubuntu’s Command Line are easy to learn
  9. Ubuntu is Resource-Friendly platform
  10. Ubuntu is an easy platform to develop

In general Ubuntu desktop and Ubuntu server are different in terms of Graphical User Interface, Applications, and last but not least Installation. The Ubuntu desktop includes a graphical user interface while the Ubuntu server does not. Secondly, regarding the application of Ubuntu desktop it offers an office productivity suite, multimedia software, and web browser and a lot more, while you won’t find those things on Ubuntu desktop.

There are some uses cases that anyone might face with when it comes to Ubuntu servers:

  • Database server
  • File and print server
  • Websites
  • FTP
  • Cloud services
  • Email server
  • Container deployment
  • Development platform
  • 365/24/7 technical support
  • The best protection methods and algorithms for DDOS attacks
  • Full control on your server
  • Using NVMe SSD storage for experiencing the world’s best I/O performance
  • 996% Dedicated resources
  • You can buy a very cheap and instant ready Windows VPS or Linux VPS for only $4.95 Per Month
  • And the best feature is the Guarantee of 7-days Money-back
  • Instant activation Ubuntu VPS will be ready within 20 minutes