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London VPS 🥇only $7.95/m 🤩SSD Storage 🚀 Free Setup

Available All Around the Europe!

Choose a location near you, near your customer, or even on the other side of the globe!

At the Center of the

Get your own London VPS in one of great hubs of business and connectivity in the world, connecting East and West. High-performance VPS machine available at highly reliable data centers in Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt. Be where the business is! Supersonic servers with great specs, enterprise-level NVMe SSD storage, with ensured uptime and connectivity. All of that, at the cheapest price out there.

From agile little virtual machines to robustperformance VMs, boasting Enterprise SSD andpowerful hardware. Batteries included!

Virtualizor Control Panel

All our Windows VPS servers are equipped with a fully automated Virtualizor Control Panel. This includes Windows 10 VPS plans.


You can instantly activate a Windows 10 VPS and it is very easy to manage. You can do almost anything with your VPS server. Connect to your Windows 10 VPS server via VNC or RDP. Have full control over your machine, or even perform hard reset.

Powerful Hardware and
Reliable Connectivity

Virtualizor Management

Caring Support 24/7

Dedicated Windows or Linux VPS Servers in London

We share nothing. Our VPS machines with dedicated high-quality resources bring you the reliability,
performance, security, and stability you want. All that, but at the price of shared hosting!
Our Europe cluster includes 3 datacenters in London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt; three major hubs of
business and internet in Europe.

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Get one of our hosting solutions and succeed in your business. We are always there for you with a 24/7 support and brilliant services. Get our plans today!

FAQ | London VPS

What are the pros of VPS Hosting?

The key benefits of VPS servers are that they give you the ability to have your virtual machine, just as you would from a more costly, dedicated, high-performance server that would allow you to manage moderate traffic with an occasional heavy increase. Since you have your own VPS operating system, you can customize it to suit your needs. Also, if you intend to install applications that need a device restart to finalize the installation, you can do so without impacting anyone else at any time.

How do I select the right hosting place for my website?

It is often recommended that you host your websites and applications nearest to your target audience. Latency can be a deal-breaker for a potential client, particularly for applications requiring frequent access to a database. The data centers must be located closest to the user base that you support to achieve low latency. The distance between the end-user and the data center has a meaningful impact on latency.

How does the location of your server affect the performance of your website?

Several elements determine how quickly a site loads, such as photos, scripts, and even bulky themes and plugins. Essentially, any web page is a collection of files that need to be loaded. The heavier the files, the longer it takes to load. But distance also plays a role when it comes to efficiency. The further away you are from the server of the website, the longer it takes for your request to be processed and for the website to be loaded. Nowadays, this is less of a challenge due to higher average internet speeds, but it's still an issue worth considering.

How does a proxy server work?

A proxy server is essentially an internet machine with its IP address that your computer identifies. When you submit a web request, the request will go to the proxy server first. The proxy server then submits your site request on your behalf, collects the answer from the web server, and forwards the web page data to you so that you can see the page in your browser.

How to change the IP address of your server?

To avoid any disruption of VPS services, the IP address of the main server and the IP address of the domains hosted on additional IPs must be changed. If you do not use a Control Panel, you need to change the IP address for all programs and services enabled on your VPS server. You should also update the Private name servers (NS) used for domain names hosted on the VPS server with new IP addresses, both on the server-side and the registrar-side.

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