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How To Use VNC and VNC Troubleshooting

There are a couple of situations where you might want to use remote desktop software to connect to your VPS. Either you have lost access to your VPS server and you want to connect to the server to fix it, or you are using a Linux distro with a GUI and you want to use your own VNC client, in which case you may want to use VNC Client and VNC HTML5.

IMPORTANT: For a Windows VPS, you should only use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). VNC is not what you for connecting to your Windows VPS. It is best suited for rescue mode and troubleshooting. Some people may complain about the connection speed with VNC, this is solved by using RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) to connect to their Windows VPS server, instead of VNC.

How To Connect With VNC?

There are two ways to connect to the remote desktop through VNC. You can use our built-in HTML5 VNC Viewer which gives you the power to troubleshoot any problem (though, it is slow) or you can install your own VNC client (like TightVNC Viewer) and connect with that.

How to use HTML5 VNC Viewer?

Step 1: First, log in to your Control Panel from:

Then click on ‘Services‘:

Whmcs Services

In the Services section, click on your VPS server which you want to connect VNC to (if you have multiple VPS servers, please make sure to select the right VPS)


Step 2: On this page, you will see the Control Panel of your VPS services where you can manage your VPS servers. There are a lot of things you can do from here. In your Control Panel, click on ‘VNC’ so that a pop-up will appear, then click on ‘Launch HTML5 VNC Client’ like in the screenshot below. Now a new window will open, in which you can view your server desktop screen.

Launch Html Vnc

How to connect via a VNC client?

You can install your desired VNC client, such as TightVNC Viewer. Enter the login details for VNC, which has been sent to you previously when you first received the VPS, and connect to the VNC Server.


Problem: I cannot connect to VNC. It gives me an error message saying: “Authentication Failure,”
This is usually because the VPS is turned off. The first step is to make sure that the VPS is running and it is online. You should be able to see the ‘Online‘ icon on the top of the panel.
Sometimes, for some lesser-known reason, it still does not work. In this case, your next step would be to click on ‘Stop‘ and then click on ‘Start‘ in your VPS Control Panel and then try to connect to the VNC again. It will work ?

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