How to Setup TeamSpeak Server on Linux


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how to set up a teamspeak server on linux

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up TeamSpeak server on Linux in a couple of minutes. If you need a secure and lightweight tool to connect with friends or coworkers, creating a TeamSpeak server is one of the best options.

Key Takeaways

  • a TeamSpeak server is one of the best tools to connect with friends or coworkers.
  • If not the most commonly used, TeamSpeak is a widely used solution for low latency voice chat while playing.
  • The new Debian 9 setup will start TeamSpeak 3 without any additional libraries
  • To set up TeamSpeak server on Linux you need to install the necessary utilities, download and install the TeamSpeak server, Run the TeamSpeak Server, and connect to your new server.
  • Although TeamSpeak software is pretty stable, you should take care that your server is always updated.



If not the most commonly used, TeamSpeak is a widely used solution for low latency voice chat while playing. For example, if you use Skype, the delay and traffic between talking people will be much higher, and the Skype client will be much more overloaded than TeamSpeak.

Besides TeamSpeak, there are other low-latency gaming solutions such as Mumble and Discord that use central servers without the need to set up your own case.

This article explores how to set up a TeamSpeak 3 server on your Linux box. Thanks to TeamSpeak 3 designers, this procedure is pretty simple and you should have a TeamSpeak 3 server running within minutes.


How to Set Up TeamSpeak Server on Linux?


1.    Install the Necessary Utilities

TeamSpeak 3 Server doesn’t require any additional libraries to work with. The new Debian 9 setup, for example, will start TeamSpeak 3 without any additional libraries.

However, if you want to download and remove server software, you need some additional software. In this case, you will need a download manager (Wget) and the utility to extract the compromised server software (bzip2).

You can install the necessary utilities with the following command:

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get update

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install wget bzip2

Now that all the necessary utilities are on board, we will move forward and install the server software.


2.    Download and Install the TeamSpeak 3 Server

TeamSpeak 3 is your specialized software solution. Because of it, you would not be able to install it from the repositories of your Linux distribution. So, this means you’ve got to import it from the designer’s homepage to your server.

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Here you can download the latest TeamSpeak 3 software. Downloading can take some time depending on the speed of your network. You can extract the downloaded server program after the download is finished. The following command will do this job:

[email protected]:~$ tar xfvj teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-

Now you can run the server for the first time.


3.    Run the TeamSpeak Server

Now you’re supposed to be able to initiate server software. You need to change into the TeamSpeak Server directory to do this. This directory was created automatically when the server software was extracted. Issue the following command to run the server:

[email protected]:~$ cd teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64

[email protected]:~/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64$ ./ start

The first start takes a while, approximately 1 to 3 minutes. After the first start is finished, you’ll get the following output:


Server Query Admin Account created

loginname= “serveradmin”, password= “BVV2YUIJ”


ServerAdmin privilege key created, please use it to gain

serveradmin rights for your virtualserver. please

also check the doc/privilegekey_guide.txt for details.


Be aware that you should write the server query admin account on a piece of paper or save this data in a password database. This password is needed in emergency situations, such as losing TeamSpeak user data or hacker attacks.

Finally, to make sure that your server is running correctly, you can issue the following command:

[email protected]:~/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64$ ./ status

Server is running

Now you can connect to your new server.


4.    Connect to a New Server

To connect to the server, run the TeamSpeak 3 client and click Connections > Connect or use the CTRL+S hotkey. In the next dialog, enter your server’s IP address or name, and choose the nickname you want to use on that server and click the Connect button.

connect to new server

The server realizes that the server was originally set up and then opens another dialog where it requests for the so-called Privilege Key. This Privilege Key is the generated token that you collected a few steps before in a text file.

Insert the token in the dialog box as follows:

setup teamspeak server on linux

Bear in mind that the privilege key is for one-time use to set up the initial admin. After you use this token, you will need to set up the rest of the users and grant permissions as required.

Now you should see a new symbol beside your nickname, which says that you are an admin. From now on, you should be able to build channels, server groups, edit server names, and so forth.

Your TeamSpeak 3 server is now completely set up. You can close your SSH connection to your server, start sharing your server address with your friends and start chatting.


TeamSpeak Update

Although TeamSpeak software is mostly pretty stable, you should take care that your server is always updated. To update the TeamSpeak server, go to the official homepage, download the latest version, and extract it.

The files would be overwritten beside the database files. This means that you don’t have to start all over again when you enable an update. However, before you update it, you must stop the TeamSpeak 3 server. This command will do it easily:

[email protected]:~$ cd teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64

[email protected]:~/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64$ ./ stop

After you have extracted the updated server files, you can run the server again:

[email protected]:~/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64$ ./ start

You should also use a firewall or a package filter solution. The server with the latest security patches is a successful one, but the firewall solution will still improve security.


How do I Build a TeamSpeak Server?

The entire process begins by accessing your VPS via SSH and can be broken down into 6 easy steps.

  1. Build a new system user
  2. Download and extract TeamSpeak 3 server
  3. Accept the TeamSpeak license agreement
  4. Start TeamSpeak server
  5. Retrieve the privileged key
  6. Connect via TeamSpeak client

Final Thoughts

At a time when almost everything is becoming more and more centralized, a solution like TeamSpeak is really necessary. There are, of course, other options, such as Mumble, which has the added advantage of being open-source. But TeamSpeak is the most decentralized available solution.

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