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CentOS is one of the best and most popular distributions of Linux for running servers. CentOS was a stable, free, community-based platform compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS was later taken up by Red Hat. CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 are generally stable releases for a Linux server operating system.
Our dedicated CentOS Virtual Private Servers give you full functionality of CentOS as well as full root access. We offer the Virtualizor control panel on our VPS services. You can install other control panels of your choice like cPanel or Plesk.

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Get the minimum hardware you require for a reliable server performance at the cheapest price out there. Reliable Linux KVM VPS machines running on powerful hardware, equipped with Enterprise level pure SSD storage, connected at highest speed and response time at reliable datacenters all around the world.

From Agile Little Virtual Machines to RobustPerformance VMs, Boasting Enterprise SSD, andPowerful Hardware. Batteries Included!

Manage your VPS resources with ease. RouterHosting’s Linux KVM VPS hosting services allow you to doinstant reconfigurations and have full control of your virtual servers, making it a breeze to run yourwebsite and services to your heart’s desire.
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What is Linux KVM?

Kernel-Based Virtual Machine or KVM is an open-source virtualization technology built into Linux that works on x86 and x64 processors capable of virtualization. KVM turns Linux into a tier-1 (bare-metal) Hypervisor that helps run multiple virtual machines on unmodified Windows or Linux images. These virtual machines have their own virtualized hardware such as graphics adapter, network card, etc. as a result, you can enjoy the performance and reliability of the Linux kernel at the base of your structure.

What is Linux KVM?​

Dedicated CentOS VPS Servers

Nothing is shared. Our CentOS VPS machines with dedicated high quality resources bring you the reliability, performance, security, and stability you want. All that, but at price of shared hosting!

Our US cluster includes 8 datacenters in New York City, Washington DC, Buffalo, Los Angeles – California, Phoenix – Arizona, Dallas – Texas, and Seattle – Washington, and Pittsburg – Pensylvania.

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