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Get a reliable server performance with great specs, at the cheapest price out there. Free Windows 10 included! Reliable Windows 10 VPS machines, running on powerful hardware, equipped with pure SSD storage, connected at highest speed and response time at convenient locations all around the world. A combination you won’t find at these prices anywhere.

From Agile Little Virtual Machines to Robust Performance VMs, Boasting Enterprise SSD and Powerful Hardware. Batteries Included!

Virtualizor Control Panel

All our Windows VPS servers are equipped with a fully automated Virtualizor Control Panel. This includes Windows 10 VPS plans.


You can instantly activate a Windows 10 VPS and it is very easy to manage. You can do almost anything with your VPS server. Connect to your Windows 10 VPS server via VNC or RDP. Have full control over your machine, or even perform hard reset.

Dedicated Windows 7 VPS Servers

We share nothing. Our VPS machines with dedicated high-quality resources bring you the reliability, performance, security, and stability you want. All that, but at the price of shared hosting!

Our US cluster includes 8 data centers in New York City, Washington DC, Buffalo, Los Angeles – California, Phoenix – Arizona, Dallas – Texas, Seattle – Washington, and Pittsburg – Pennsylvania.

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FAQ | Windows 7 VPS

What is a Windows 7 VPS?

Virtual Private Network (VPS) and Virtual servers are virtual machines that provide you with a dedicated hosting service. Windows 7 is the latest Microsoft Windows Desktop version. Windows 7 has great features and has an improved look and functionality as well.

What is the use of VPS?

VPS hosting is among the most popular hosting services you’ll be able to pick for your site.  It utilizes virtualization technologies to supply you with dedicated (personal ) tools on a host with many users.  It is a more stable and secure alternative than shared hosting in which you do not receive a dedicated server area.

Why choose Routerhosting Windows VPS?

Routerhosting will provide you with the following features:

  • 24 hours access to your Windows Remote Desktop
  • Instant activation Windows VPS will be ready within 20 minutes
  • Get a Windows RDP VPS with Windows on it for FREE
  • Get the most advantage from your instant setup Windows VPS server by complete dedicated resources.
  • Buy Windows VPS with secure Bitcoin, Credit Cards, PayPal and etc…

How to set up VPS on WINDOWS 7?

You can connect to our Windows VPSs using the RDP protocol, and then you will have a fast graphical interface to our Windows VPSs! You can follow the steps on our article in KB.

Windows VPS vs Linux VPS: what’s the difference?

Generally speaking, Windows VPS does not require too much IT knowledge, however, for Linux VPS you certainly need SSH knowledge to manage it. Linux in general is the cheaper option since it is an open source, free tool. But you need to know that Linux offers more flexibility when it comes to control panels. In general, Windows VPS is more expensive, Linux VPS is the cheaper option, Windows does not require much IT know-how but managing Linux VPS does.

Will my windows VPS come with a hosting control panel?

Our Windows VPS are unmanaged, and you will have full administrator access to them. This means that you can install any control panel on our Windows VPSs as you wish!

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