Residential IP VPS and Dedicated RDP in New York City, USA

If you are looking for a residential IP Proxy in the US, then look no further; our special dedicated and virtual servers in New York City are the answer you are looking for. You will get a Cogent ISP IP address that other organizations and websites detect as a residential IP address. To them, you will be just like a normal New Yorker browsing the Internet from inside the New York City.

Residential IP VPS is a cheap proxy solution giving you the autonomy of a full, dedicated server, at a price close to that of a shared host. You will get unique IPs and fast response times, yet the Residential Proxy is really cost-efficient.

There are many uses to a Residential IP proxy, especially in the US and an important city such as the New York City, in the state of New York.


Some uses of Residential Proxy are:

Residential VPS Proxy Features

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FAQ | Residential IP VPS

What is my IP address?

Your IP or Internet Protocol address is a specific number that devices use to connect and identify with each other via an Internet network, comparable to a mailing address. Data and information move from one system to another after recognizing the IP address of both the sender and the recipient machine. Your IP address can be accessed by the public, allowing anyone to see where you are, where your computer is located, and any other information that passes through that address.

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy is an operator that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and not a data center. Every residential proxy address has a physical location. And even though billions of digital devices are connected to the Internet at any time, their IP addresses can identify the location of any device. So, any time you go online, you give out details about your browser preferences.

What is a residential IP address?

A residential IP address is an IP address related to a physical unit, such as a cell phone or a desktop computer. Their real owners i.e., ISPs, register residential IP addresses in public databases, allowing websites to identify the provider, network, and location of the user. Many online services consider residential IP addresses as actual users, as opposed to those using data center IP addresses.

How are residential proxies working?

Like every other proxy, residential proxies route the internet traffic through an intermediate server. This server will alter the IP address of your connection request. Residential proxies are remarkable since they are mobile and desktop devices that are used as intermediaries for your connections.

Why should I use a residential proxy network?

A residential proxy network is a perfect place to conceal your true online identity. It assigns actual, residential IPs to you and hides your IP from servers for more internet anonymity. But search engines would only allow you to make a certain number of requests from the same IP within a minute. Thus, this type of single server set up will dramatically restrict your browsing choices, and even ban it if you exceed the rate you are given.

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