How to resize Windows VPS Server drive/partition without losing the data?

Although here we talk about Windows VPS servers, but this guide is helpful to anyone using any OS.

We’re going to look into two scenarios:

  1. You have upgraded your Windows VPS to a higher plan and you have also taken the necessary steps for the upgrade to make sure it is already completed, but the drive size is still showing the size of your previous plan.
  2. Scenario two, sometimes a newly created VPS Server does not resize the drive size to the correct one. For example, you have ordered a 50GB SSD storage plan, however, it only shows 15GB drive size.

Here you have two options:

  1. Either do an OS reload
  2. Or you can use the following guide to extend the storage space to the right size.

Step 1:

First, confirm that the drive size is not right. As the following picture shows:



Step 2:

Download the following Portable Partition Utility program, which is the best of its kind and this version is FREE.

Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free here!

Step 3:

Extract the contents and click on ‘Partition Wizard’


Then click on ‘MiniTool Partition Wizard Free

You will see a screen like the following. It shows the allocated and unallocated space (Note: Click ‘No’ if asked to download a newer version)



Step 4: 

Right click on drive C: and click on ‘Move/Resize Partition‘ then drag the arrow to the end as in the following picture:


The result should look like this:


Resize Partition 06

Click on ‘OK

Step 5:

Click on ‘Apply


Resize Partition 07
Resize Partition 08

Click on ‘Restart Now’. It goes into the boot and changes the partition size. Please be patient as it may take 10-20 minutes to complete the process. You can view its progress via VNC.

Now login and check out the drive size.

All is good!

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