How to Manage the VPS server from the VPS Control panel?


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Managing the VPS from the control panel of your VPS is not very complicated. In this how-to guide, we will explain to you how to manage the VPS server from the VPS control panel.

Managing the VPS Server Form the VPS Control Panel 

You may probably are an administrator or owner of a server and wish to manage the VPS server from the VPS control panel. Maybe you would like to have a customized VPS server that will be entirely under your control. Or even you are curious enough to learn about managing the VPS server from the VPS control panel. But, what really the unmanaged VPS server is? Do you know the difference between managed and unmanaged VPS servers? So, before explaining how to manage the VPS server from the VPS control panel, let us have some basic definitions.

What is an Unmanaged VPS Server?

Managing a server requires technical expertise, effort, and time. With an unmanaged VPS server, you can fully control your VPS server by yourself. Unlike managed VPS servers, unmanaged VPSs will not take care of all the responsibilities created to the VPS servers (e.g. maintenance, core update, software updates, or installation).

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If you own an unmanaged VPS server, you will have full responsibilities over your VPS server. In this situation, your hosting provider just takes care of the physical server and its availability. In this case, you must be expert enough to manage the VPS server. You need to have the technical expertise or dedicated resources, operating systems, or other related resources. But how to do that?

Managing the VPS Server

When you choose an unmanaged VPS server, you need to manage the VPS server comes with lots of responsibility. You should install elementary tools and need to know how to negotiate the control panel. Although it will give you more freedom to set up, you should know what you are doing.

VPS servers provided by Routerhosting come with a completely automatic and free control panel, which gives you full access to the server’s hidden functionalities. Using the Control Panel, you will access VNC, Reboots, Rebuilds, and all other essential options. You just need to do the following:

Manage the VPS Server from the VPS Control Panel

To access your control panel, go to the client area:

Now, log in and click on Services.

In the Services area, you can see all your servers. Click on your server of choice to descry the Control Panel (picture below).

That’s it. You manage the VPS server from the VPS control panel.

Manage the VPS Server from the VPS Control Panel


By now, I’m sure you configure your VPS server from the VPS control panel. If you have any questions related to managing the VPS server, we will be glad to hear from you.

Routerhosting’s VPS Control Panel

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Our provided interface will let you directly manage the DNS, help you in lots of tasks such as billing, earning, referrals, invoices, and newsletters. You can readily manage the VPS server from this unique and elegant interface. 

Over control panel will allow you to manage the VPS server powered by SSD storage. With this control panel, deploying the server is as easy as ABC. It just takes a matter of minutes to manage. You have full root access to the virtual private server with all essential privileges. You even can scale up your website with only a few clicks. So, we recommend you try it, It’s risk-free.



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