Europe cheap Linux and Windows VPS hosting

Europe is located in the centre of the world. It connects east to the west north to the south. It is a perfect location for people who live in Europe or people are living in other continents like America, Africa, Asia, and Oceana to have a Europe VPS to connect them all. We have Cheap EU VPS hosting in multiple countries like United Kindom, Germany, and France and we are opening VPS hosting in other EU countries.

Available countries you can get an instant VPS from:
– London, United Kingdom
– Frankfurt, Germany

Available in our facilities located in Los Angeles CA, USA –  Buffalo NY, USA – Pittsburgh PA, USA – Frankfurt, Germany and London, United Kingdom.

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Build and deploy your VPS for only $7.95 now! Please choose Windows or Linux?

We do accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards, Alt Coin (EthereumLitecoin, etc…) and PerfectMoney.

Europe – Cheap VPS hosting Features

  • Get a cheap VPS server in different countries in Europe for only $9.95 per month for Windows VPS or $4.95 per month for a Linux VPS.
  • You will get a powerful Windows VPS with RDP enabled in Europe installed within 5 – 15 minutes
  • A powerful built-in control panel which will give you full access to your VPS server.
  • You do have an option to pay with Bitcoin or pay by PayPal, Credit Card, PerfectMoney, Payza and Alt Coins like Ethereum or Litecoin.
  • We have 7 days Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee on all of our VPS servers.
  • We have VPS servers in other locations outside of Europe such as USCanada, and etc…

Build and deploy your VPS for only $7.95 now! Please choose Windows or Linux?