best control panel for linux 2020

 Best control panels for Linux (2020)

Best control panels for Linux VPS are unquestionably the ones with the most functionality and the least bugs. Currently, there are several control panels for Linux available for users. However, each has its own strong and weak points. Here we are going to introduce top cps for Linux and compare their features. Stay tuned with us!

1-Control Panel

some compatible alternatives for cPanel.

To facilitate managing a website or serval, there are web hosting control panels or administration panels. These softwares are very useful and help to leave behind the tedious command interface to configure everything more quickly.


Control panels for Linux: cPanel vs. Plesk

Although there are a large number of control panels that can be used, not all of them have the simplicity and ease that is required for users to manage them properly. But among all these control panels for Linux, which one is the best control panels for Linux VPScPanel or Plesk or?

On one hand, cPanel is presented today, as the most occupied control panel today by web hosting providers cPanel has actually 80% popularity in the market. This is a control panel created to be used under Linux-based operating systems. cPanel is undeniably one of the best control panels for Linux VPS.

Some of the greatest advantages of cPanel include:

  • Simplicity: really simple and well designed
  • Functionality: all the necessary features are in place
  • FTP: excellent
  • Accounts: excellent
  • Flexibility: easy PHP


  • Cost: 200 $ per VPS, more expensive than Plesk
  • Installation: not simple

On the other hand, Plesk is considered as one of the best CP for Linux server. Plesk is a control panel that has managed to establish itself in the market. Although it is not on a par with cPanel, it is quite popular and works under Windows operating system. Currently, it already has more than two million servers in the world that are working with this control panel.

While there is no absolute truth as to which control panel to choose, it is undeniable that cPanel is far ahead of the game but not free. However, everything will depend on the web hosting service you hire and the support team to be able to properly manage your web hosting.

 In the following, we will introduce you to some compatible alternatives for cPanel.


Plesk cp

Plesk just like cPanel is one of the best CP for Linux server. Plesk is a hosting control panel that allows you to manage your hosting account through a web-based interface. You can use this panel with VPS, shared, and dedicated servers. Plesk also allows you to control thousands of virtual hosts on a single server. The control panel allows you to automate many tasks which in turn reduces cost and resources. It also increases profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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  • Creates an FTP account for users.(what is FTP ?)
  • Manages and creates email accounts and databases like  MySQL and  PostgreSQL.
  • Add domains and subdomains.
  • Restore and recover files.
  • Manage  DNS  and other resources.
  • Simplicity: The major functions are all present, the installation is simple and the modules are easy to install
  • Functionality: Many modules, with direct integration into the installer
  • FTP: Multi-FTP and choice of FTP
  • Flexible: (+) modules
  • Backup: Backups and restoration are well done and efficient with many restore options


  • Support: No support offered by Plesk, no account for the management of your licenses.
  • WordPress plugins: One-click plugin but there could be some bugs occasionally
  • Cost: 3.75 € for 10 domains 7.5 for 30 and 13.5 unlimited the prices are correct
  • Update: Bugs during updates, blocking of scripts. A lack of reliability
  • E-mail: (+) rate alert, rate limit, change imap / pop (-) no queue alert


Vesta  cp

Vesta is a hosting-oriented, free, and open-source administration panel for GNU / Linux under the GNU GPLv3 license, the source code of which is available on Github.

The Vesta administration panel is easy to install, configure, and use. Vesta offers you a complete solution and also allows you to manage your own DNS zone, and configures a complete mail system on your server, plus security services.


  • Simplicity: The simplest of the panels tested, this makes it really interesting for that!
  • Functionality: All the features for an agency, but not for a reseller
  • Cost: Open source
  • Installation: Very simple
  • Support :60 € / h


  • SLL domains
  • E-mail: Limitation
  • FTP: no quota, no limit
  • Account :(+) suspend
  • Flexible: (-) complicated PHP



ISPConfig is a multi-source and open source hosting control panel intended only for Linux based servers. It is able to manage multiple servers from its standalone platform and does not require any third-party service support. Whether managing a single server or multiple servers, ISPConfig knows how to manage everything. It is also installable on physical and virtual servers for greater management work. It is very complete and powerful, as it works with many Linux-based distributions. It even has 4 levels of access such as the administrator, reseller, client, and email login.

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  • Cost: free, open-source
  • FTP: multi FTP
  • SLL domains: (+) Let’s encrypt (-) SSL key
  • Accounts: Simplified management of customer accounts and even resellers


  • Simplicity: The installation blocked in automatic mode
  • Functionality: All the functionalities needed to manage websites for an agency
  • Email: no setting
  • Support: there is no support currently
  • Git, Docker, Word press plugins: no info


Virtualmin cp

Virtualmin is one of the most popular web hosting control panels for  Linux. It has a great graphical interface and extremely user friendly.


  • Simplicity: The separation of server and client management on the Webmin and Virtualmin panels is a definite advantage
  • Functionality: It is very advanced both on the server side and on the client side
  • E-mail: The settings for sending emails are in the server part and can also be modified by domains
  • FTP: Multi FTP native
  • Accounts: A more notable separation of server admin and domain management
  • WordPress plugins: The one-click install is natively available
  • Git: A priori it is possible we have not tested it is more complex than on Plesk
  • Docker: The establishment of docker is planned
  • Backup: The backup scripts are very advanced, you can really define your strategies … and save everywhere


Webmin cp

Webmin is a very useful tool when it comes to having the need to configure different aspects of an operating system easily and graphically.

One of the advantages that Webmin provides is that it has several modules, which connect to the configuration files and the Webmin server. The simplicity of this design makes adding modules easily and therefore we can admit that webmin is one of the best control panels for Linux VPS.


  • Configure and create a virtual server in  Apache.
  • For security you can configure the firewall.
  • Modify  DNS settings, IP address, routing settings.
  • Manage databases, tables, and fields in  MySQL.


Ajenti cP

Ajenti is a free control panel for Linux. This CP can be a great saving compared to the licenses that you have to pay for other panels such as cPanel.To enjoy the web server tools it is necessary to install the Ajenti V extension.

Ajenti is a powerful and lightweight tool that provides a fast and responsive web interface for managing small servers, also suitable for Linux VPS and dedicated servers. It has been built with many plugins to configure and monitor server software and services such as Apache, Cron, File System, Firewall, etc.

Ajenti control panel can extend its functionalities through plugins. From this section, you will control all the extensions created and we can add new ones to the program.

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Froxlor cP

Froxlor can be installed on Gentoo or Debian servers, that is, it is not compatible with CentOS, considering CentOS is one of the most stable Linux distributions that currently exist.

Froxlor is compatible with Apache, Nginx, or Lighttpd web servers, that is, it has native support for Nginx, something that few panels have and that we currently consider essential.

Among the advantages that Froxlor has as a free hosting control panel, we can find the following:

  • Specific PHP configuration for each domain.
  • It allows you to manage reseller hosting very well.
  • It includes a complete customer ticket system integrated into the control panel interface.
  • As we have said, they allow the management of Nginx or Lighttpd in addition to Apache.


Perhaps the problem that Froxlor has is that it is somewhat more complicated to install than other control panels. On the other hand, it is still an excellent control panel for servers with few resources or has to be very flexible.


DirectAdmin panel

Although, DirectAdmin comes last in this list, that does not mean that it is any less than any other CPs mentioned before and can be used as one of the best control panels for Linux VPS. DirectAdmin is a control panel for Linux to manage the services of a dedicated server (web, email, DNS, FTP…). Among its many functionalities, we will find:

  • a complete system for resellers (account management, statistics …)
  • a system of incident tickets integrated into the panel
  • an update system
  • Manage and create e-mail accounts and manages databases of information.
  • Create an FTP account for users.
  • Manage the cover page extension,  DNS, and view statistics.
  • Built-in File Manager to manage files
  • Configure error pages and directory password protection.

DirectAdmin control panel allows us to simply manage a dedicated server and is one of the best CP for Linux server. It is very simple and easy to use, which makes it highly valued along with the big players in the market such as cPanel and Plesk.


Finding the right cPanel alternative is not easy; with the number of options available and the small yet important differences between each, even with the help of this article, the best CP for Linux server will ultimately depend on your individual needs.

In this article, we’ve covered our favorite free alternatives as well as some paid solutions that for some people are likely to be more suitable. And let’s be clear about one thing: there’s no shame in paying for a cPanel alternative (or cPanel itself) if that’s going to save you the time & hassle of doing it on your own.

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