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With instant Windows XP VPS hosting You will get fully working computer/server in less than 5 minutes with fully dedicated resources and RDP (Remote Desktop) connection from any device. The Windows XP VPS comes with FREE Windows installed on.

Windows XP VPS Features

  • Fully dedicated resources %100 private server with no restriction
  • 24 hours RDP (Remote Desktop) access from any device (including Phone and Tablets)
  • Windows XP is very light weighted and easy to use Windows
  • It can be used for legacy Programs/Applications
  • Windows XP SP3 available in 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Fully Automated SolusVM Control Panel
  • Different method of payments including Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards and etc…

Windows XP VPS HostingBy running on the KVM server, RouterHosting offers unbeatable rates in comparison to that charged by other companies. We do offer old favorite Windows XP on our servers. All those Windows XP VPS servers are backed by a team of fully dedicated technicians who work round the clock to ensure that all systems function to the best of their abilities with minimal or completely no interruptions.

Windows XP VPS hosting is one of a kind with regular backup systems that ensure all the data is stored in high end storage disks that are lowly populated which translates to higher efficiency. Windows XP VPS server has made a name for itself and it’s known for minimal hardware requirements and as such the optimized version have optimized use of resources such as RAM and CPU such as those on RouterHosting. This gives one the option of having a Remote Desktop with low RAM usage that can efficiently run your software on the virtual private servers.

Checkout our Windows XP available VPS plans below:

Windows_PlansCheckout our Windows XP VPS Hosting plans

With constrained resources and budget, Windows XP is the perfect solution as it offers low VPS plans with the full capabilities of running compatible software and platforms. With every windows based VPS hosting, there are a number standard options that come with it which include; a monthly billing system, available choices for upgrades, a RAID10 storage system with weekly backups, full root access (RDP) and dedicated system memory. The support team is available 24/7 in case of any queries.

Windows XP VPS server is the most cost effective virtual environment option. Windows XP servers allow our clients to get the best footing as they start venturing in virtual environments in the most cost effective way you can. This server option is not only cheap but also highly customizable hence you can easily upgrade when you need a more advanced system that can handle.

Windows XP VPS is based on the original NT kernel that has proven to be more stable through the years handling complex tasks without fail. Simply put Windows XP servers is a more powerful virtual tool. Windows XP VPS server has an integrated remote desktop manager that enable you execute a number of tasks at your comfort and hence suitable for continued online presence such as online Forex trading or any other activity.

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