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Minimum Requirements $ 7 .95 /month
2vCPU 2GB Memory 30GB NVMe/SSD Storage 3TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Growing $ 14 .95 /month
2vCPU 4GB Memory 60GB NVMe/SSD Storage 5TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Best Value $ 29 .95 /month
4vCPU 8GB Memory 140GB NVMe/SSD Storage 7TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Best Performance $ 54 .95 /month
6vCPU 16GB Memory 250GB NVMe/SSD Storage 10TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Best Performance $ 54 .95 /month
6vCPU 16GB Memory 250GB NVMe/SSD Storage 10TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Premium Strength $ 129 .00 /month
8vCPU 32GB Memory 400GB NVMe/SSD Storage 12TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Best Value $ 275 .00 /month
12vCPU 64GB Memory 800GB NVMe/SSD Storage 15TB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
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Uninterrupted Profits

Secure hosting for your Expert Advisors on powerful high-availability servers the world over. Powered by MetaTrader, our Forex VPS solutions offer top-tier infrastructure and SSD storage for ultra-fast processing and dedicated 1 Gbps connection speeds for all plans. Guaranteed minimal latency trading with 15 global data centers and great peering. Run multiple Forex trading terminals with easily scalable resources and customize freely with full root access to our next-gen Virtual Private Servers.

Note: If you are using the MT4 trading application (mt4 vps), please only choose Windows 2008 R2 as the application does not work properly on other versions of Windows.

Forex VPS

Forex VPS Hosting Features

Why You Need Forex VPS?

Forex robots and Expert Advisors are the new buzzwords in Forex trading but why do you need them? With the majority of Forex (and crypto) trades now conducted automatically by bots called Expert Advisors, you can’t afford to keep your trading manually. Not hampered by emotions and able to process staggering amounts of data, a well-designed, correctly implemented Expert Advisor can add a lot of firepower to your trading arsenal. But how to actually set them up?

Sure, there are a lot of great software like MetaTrader that make implementing and deploying bots easy, but running them on your PC only gets you so far. PCs are unreliable — resources are limited; your Windows could freeze or crash at any moment; your internet connection can drop or just cut out; and there are always power outages to think about. If trading is more than a hobby, you will need more than a few bots trading for you and you need them to run uninterrupted. That’s where a Forex VPS comes in.

Instead of running the trader software on your PC, you can simply delegate to our powerful, reliable, and secure servers optimized for automated Forex trading. Run multiple trading terminals with their own Expert Advisors for true profitability.


What to Look for in Forex VPS Hosting?

A Forex VPS is a Virtual Private Server optimized to run Expert Advisors using Forex trading platform software like MetaTrader and TradeStation. The key to profitable automated trading is reliable bot performance, fast connections, and, perhaps most importantly, low latency. The Foreign Exchange (Forex) is a market for buying and selling various currencies (USD, Yen, etc). Since Forex is a decentralized market, it’s made up of a network of traders, brokers, and exchange centers distributed throughout the world. When executing trades, your Expert Advisor needs to place an order with your broker and the farther you are, the longer that will take. That means lost opportunities to make a good trade and profit. That’s why a low latency VPS located close to your broker is very important. We offer high-performance infrastructure optimized for running multiple trading terminals, ultra-fast, dedicated 1 Gbps connections, and minimal latency with 15+ global servers at strategic locations — right where the action is.

Forex vps hosting

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Find the VPS Solution that Suits Your Needs

Take a look at our wide selection of VPS hosting solutions and find the one that will really synergize with your company. You can always contact us and we'll help you find the plan you need to make your business a success. Get your VPS Solution right now!

Frequently Asked Questions | Forex VPS FAQ

Can I run multiple trading terminals at the same time?

Sure. You can run as many trading terminals as you need on your Forex VPS. The Trader plans have more limited resources and it’s best to keep the number of instances proportionate to your VPS resources. Our most basic plan, for example, can handle up to 4 trading terminals at the same time. If you need more bots with more firepower, we suggest the SuperTrader plans.

What is a Forex Trading Terminal?

A trading terminal is any software that allows you or your bots to create and execute buy/sell orders via your broker. The most popular trading terminal or platform is MetaTrader, which is why our Forex VPS plans come with MT4/MT5 pre-installed and ready to use.

Can I upgrade my plan later on?

You bet! If you’re satisfied with your Forex VPS and want to scale up your automated trading, just let us know and we’ll switch your plan to one that suits your needs.

How can I connect to my Forex VPS?

We support the SSH, RDP, and VNC protocols so you can just connect to your Forex VPS using your favorite remote desktop client. There are numerous clients for different operating systems and devices, including Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, the Linux client Remmina, TeamViewer, Splashtop, RemotePC, and more.

How long does it take to deliver my Forex VPS?

Practically no time at all. Once payment is confirmed, we instantly activate your Forex VPS and notify you by email. You can then use the info provided to connect to your server remotely.

What is an Expert Advisor?

An Expert Advisor is just another name for a Forex trading robot, which is an algorithm designed to automatically buy and sell Forex assets by placing orders using trading platforms.

Can I run Expert Advisors on my Forex VPS?

Definitely. That’s just what our Forex VPS is designed to do. You can run any number of Expert Advisors on your Forex VPS using MetaTrader or any other trading terminal.

Can I use another trading terminal instead of MetaTrader?

Of course. You will have full root access to your server, so you can install and use any software you want. We support all major trading platform software, including TradeStation, Interactive Broker, and MultiCharts.

Do you charge extra for installing MetaTrader?

Not at all. There are no extra or hidden fees whatsoever. You only need to pay the price listed for your favorite plan. Our Trader plans start at the unbeatable price of $7.95/Month.

What if I’m not getting the latency I want with your VPS?

With 15+ global server locations, we are very confident in our quality of service and that’s why we offer a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of our services, you’ll have 7 days to let us know and you’ll get your money back.

Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can. We support a wide array of payment methods, including cryptocurrency so you can pay securely and anonymously with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other altcoin. Of course, confirmation of crypto payments can take a few minutes longer so please take that into account when choosing your payment method.

What other payment options do you provide?

We support all major credit cards, PayPal, PerfectMoney, and all major cryptocurrencies.

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